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its been ages since my last post of the bday messages thing
to clear the air,im not trying to show off my bday wishes,there are more things in life and my wardrobe to show off instead of sms-es
but then again,those text messages are priceless,that is why i put it up somewhere so that it wouldn't clog my inbox

*orang ade penyakit ocd memang gini*

its not that im diagnosed with it but its just a certain tendency that i have
nothing to be proud of, i think?

memandangkan bulan ramadhan yang mulia ini maka saya akan menghindari dari mengumpat serta mengata orang-orang sekeliling yang benar-benar menguji kesabaran serta puasa saya

luckily i managed to get a few off my system before the start of ramadhan
perangai suwar,i know!

but alot of things seem to get on my nerves lor,we'll start with how hott the weather is,since the start of ramadhan i was in kayyel visitin my granny,so for the past 4 days i spent the entire day sleeping to avoid the heat..and the shopping at masjid india was a preview of hell...with almost half of malays there on a saturday macam tomorrow is raya with the shooving and pushing to buy things...

chill ar,nak pilih songkok aje pe!!

but yes,im in my raya mode already..everything is done!!
except for my capals,initiallie wanted to wear sandals
(memandangkan kaum adam yg lain akan memakai capal juga,bagi mengelak kekeliruan di depan pintu rumah orang)
but being the impulsive arse that i am,i bought SHOES instead of sandals

things that i dont very need,probably i should have a flea sale for my shoes and sandals..aku jual half price korang nak tak??

i'll try my luck at jaybee next week.im kinda particular about capal,i want those ol skool woody sole kind.those sold at geylang mostly rubber soles...

i wanted to blog bout something else but i think i'll save it for post ramadhan cause i got a bag load of things to bitch about...

selamat berbuka puasa y'all
mine gonna be nasi briyani from arab st

hafeez jefri

thye bday wishes

Apeet!Im very sorry that Im late,but better than never..I wish you a Happy 23rd Birthday. And may you always have whatever you want.

- Amanda-

Happy Birthday, Hafeez... :-)
- Ain Latiff-

Happy Birthday!! May u be bless with all the gd things in life!! enjoyyyy!!
- Elly-

Alamak. Terlepas midnight lak. Happy birthday sayangku! Semoga panjang umur Dan dimurahkan rezeki. Semoga sihat selalu disisi yg tersayang. Sayang kau!
- Raqiah-

Hey bday boy wana go exercise tgt? Tampines at 1.30pm..
- Joel-

Hapi bdae
- Razidah-

To you my friend, happy birthday. May allah bless u with good health and great tidings. Today as u grow older, thank god for all the blessings you have receive and may u be bless with more happiness to come. Insya allah, may ur dreams come true. Amin.
- Najihah-

Happy bday babe
- Rafiqin-

Happy birthday!!!=)
-Nurul Huda-

Mrng my adek n my Gina lup,happy birthday to u..all e best may u be bless wit gd health n wealth..enjoy yr great birthday celebration
-Kak Sabariah-

Happy birthday bro!May whatever happens on your birthday happens to be as special as you are. Have fun and though Kite just got to know but it's fun and interesting having you as a fren. More like a brother now. Take care aite.
- Shikeen-

Happy burstday!
- Durrah-

Happy Birthday Sunshine! Stay happening & fun always!
- Kak Fauziah-

Happy birthday 2 u
- Mummy-

h0ney,happy 23rd. Best wishes, enjoyz...
- Fyra-

Happy Birthday! Semoga dipanjangkan umur,murahkn rezeki, dan dicepatkn dpt jodoh. Lol! Enjoy your birthday bro! :) :) :)
- Iqbal-

Happy birthday to u~happy birthday to u~happy birthday to u....!!happybirthday to u!! All the best ya. enjoy urday!!
- William-

Happy burst-day Nyah! Ni tahun aku punye turn doakan kau cepat2 dapat jodoh. Trust me it works, dulu tahun ramai yg wish aku mcm gitu...Dan akhirnya da ketemu.Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan murah rezeki. Sori wish lambat aku hampir2 terlupa. Hope 2 c u soon. Njoy.
- Rasha-

Happy bday feez! Tiz yr nthg special. A msg frm sg. Haha! May Allah bless u always. Hv a blast! :)
- Nurul (Nyp)-

Happy berfday feez!wishing u many happy returns of the day -)i
- Shamimi-

Fee, happy bday 2 u fr mak bee,pak eh, uncle n me n all of us here..have a great yr ahead n we luv u! Stay happy and healthy always :-D
- Shina-

Peeezz..Hepi 23rd burstday! Stay hepi n bitchy always!! Njoys =p
- Farhana J-

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Sorry i didnt wish u earlier...Didnt know til i checked facebook, which i rarely do nowadays.. May ur wish to lose weight come true!
- Farhan-

Happy Birthday!! Hope I'm the last one to wish.;) may Allah bless u with the good things in life.
- Fiza-

and also to the other wishes on facebook or personal calls
for making me feel the looove and making my day!!~

hafeez jefri


the whole world knew that i wanted to have a party for my 2.3rd bday
but i cancelled the party due to lack of financial power(thats the main reason) and i didnt want to be obligated to invite people who i really dont want to be inviting..

okay that's confusing

everytime i have parties,invitation list hits the sky due to the fact people tell people and people ask to be invited kinda nonsense..back then it was great having big parties eventhou its just a small bbq...

with age comes maturity??

so i had an intimate gathering for close frens onli this time round,a pre-bday celebration,like i told the clan yesterday,for as far as i can remember i've never celebrated my bday on my actual bday itself

dinner was at badoque,noting fancy.but they managed to surprise me with a cake platter and a bday song(which i still think tak perlu)followed by 4 hours of non stop singing at cash studio.perangai mat reepp..

but thats the theme:
eventhou my guests kinda dissapointed me cause i was expecting wacky attire etc
everyone decided to play safe
jadik mat rep jadi-jadian semalam cuma aku
and minah rep jadi-jadian bestie ku dengan kening dia

hafeez jefri

where's my snap cards??

if only emotions had a bandwidth
mine would have exceeded loong time ago

things just seem to get on my nerves
its like playing snap
cause i'm the idiot which would be goin
'snap' snap 'snap'
even when its not the same card
(which reminds me of those time in PRIMARY sch when we played this nonsense)

probably i've gone krazie
probably its sum "almost a quarter of a century"syndrome
when im only goin to be 2-3 this year
macam paham

(that actually left my guys speechless)

the other day i went into zara soo excited over i donno what
i tried almost over 4 shirts and 3 jeans
clogging up the fitting room
what i paid in the end?

only one bloody shirt to wear to a wedding next month
(and frankly,i dont very like that shirt either)
now im becoming soooooo himbotic that its becoming a norm for me to buy new clothes whenever i get wedding invites
perangai stoppit eh!
so not healthy

and like everyone let me repeat everyone seems to be getting engaged or married
i get invites more than my parents

i get so snappy at work even,all these people seem to be testing my patience,thank god to who ever created the computer and f-language
thats the only way to blow off steam

even fb seems to be gettin on my nerves
senang cakap

hafeez jefri

the bendul

the week flew by issit??

i can't believe that i was too busy to post an entry about my cousin's engagement
and please note that my young(er) cousin is officially someone's fiancee
which makes me an official "bendul"

for those who might not know,the melayus have this thing called "langkah bendul" or translated as "crossing the bump?" when it comes to the younger sister getting married before the older one.
so by tradition,a 'compensation' should be given by the groom to this sister,usually money,clothes or even jewellery.

so does it apply to guys and cousins?
since im older and close to my cousin like she's my sister

she actually spoke to me in confidence about her plan to get engaged to her bf,being me,i got super excited and started preparing since december.so when i was in kayyel for raya haji i bought the alas dulangs and necessary ribbons.
everyone thought the bimbo colour combination for the gubahans were chosen by her
the truth is:it was me who made all decisions
who's the bimbo one now?hahahaha...

being me also,everything should be as perfect as imperfection would allow.i scouted around for the makeup artist and i made my cousin wear henna and carry a bouquet and what nots
kalah jadik pengantin!!
when we wanted to keep the whole ceremony simple and a family affair

the bunga rampai holder.done by me

my creations.martha stewart would have been proud.lol

the makan-makan was held at the void deck due to space constraints

hafeez jefri

Faziela&Adli's Engagement.06March2010


no words to describe how happy i am for you bestie-ku sayang
walaupun hari ni ada dalam 592 kali orang pikir aku bakal tunang kau!
luckily you didn't look at me when i was adjusting your veil for the first time or when the ring was slipped on your finger because i got kinda emotional but i controlled abit
cause you've warned me not to destroy your makeup

i know you and family(and neighbour)would have been sick at the sight of me since i 'camped' at your place since i dont remember when to help with the decor etc.but i should admit that your work on the hantaran was great!simple yet elegant.that i dont blame you for falling sick after doing up your room decor

that being in the room assisting the mak andam with the makeup and hair was eye-opening
learnt alot of tips and tricks from her actually

i have to admit that the outdoor photoshoot was hilarious
can't wait for the official pictures.3 weeks seem like a long time
tag fb and print out pictures for me

Faziela & Adli
wishing you both eternal bliss and a great(er)start to a lifetime together
can't wait for the wedding

hafeez jefri

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4 more days to her engagement
but then again,im not too sure who is the one getting engaged??
lain orang yang nak tunang,lain orang yang buat beauty regime,diet ape ke nonsense semua

bestie-ku sayang,so excited nyaah!!can't wait for saturday
and im super tempted to upload and show the world
pics from sunday when we went for her final fitting with the mak andam

macam puteri duyung tak jadik
tapi tiara tu aku suka

hafeez jefri

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i can't believe that im going to whine about it but
im shagged like crazy

ferst day only

and im talking about my reservist

and how random my friends got by sending me text messages in the morning
macam im going to war likedat

promise i will take a gazillion photos

and fb tengah perangai

and bestieku,tolong jangan nak random,jitters la,takut la.hari tunang kau in two weeks time only
two weeks only?and i havent sort out my baju melayu yet

tak tahu la siapa pengantin dia sekarang?

hafeez jefri

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issit just me or is fb such a bytch at nites?
is traffic that heavy at night
why can't you people all go sleep so i can upload my pictures

kata dulang paku serpih


after like eons,the guys managed to squeeze time to meet for dinner,also cause jimmy happens to be in town for the holidays,and he was forever complaining on how mundane and boring aussie is etc etc

mintak kena sepak jugak budak ni

i would give up anything at this point of my life for a miracle to happen so that i could pursue my degree in aussie,not that i dont wanna consider local but its more of the entire experience of doing it overseas that i wanna experience for myself

the suffering
the loneliness
the need to be independent

as how jimmy would have put it,
"you would be pulling your hair off everyday"
then i'll come back to sg my patches on my head

aku da start merepek

anihow dinner was at breeks,marina sq,don't ask me why or how we ended there
twas pure randomness
great catching up with everyone
miss those days back in bunk where we'd do everything from bitching to prata suppers
but lyfe has moved on for everyone...

now that the remaining few would soon join the pink ic club
welcome to the REAL world

loads of shit but minus the free food

its back to smti for me in lyke 12hours for my reservist briefing
can't believe that im setting foot there again after leaving
8 months ago...

pure coincidental that i ord on 5 june 2009
and my reservist is on 5 feb 2010